don_vp (don_vp) wrote,

Vintage Plumbing BLOG

Hello all,
Don now has a blog, to talk about anything and everything victorian plumbing.
Lets give this a try, and see if it is worth maintaining.
I will use this space to discuss topics of interest to visitors of my website,
If you are an enthusiast of antique bathroom fixtures, I would like to hear from you.

To stimulate some conversation, here are two images of an extraordinarily rare toilet bowl made for the J.L.Mott Iron Works Co. by the John Dimmock & Co. Hanley Staffordshire Potteries, England in the late 1880s. This bowl was called the Grecian Vase and was connected to a wooden high tank, typically one with brass strap and bullets decoration, like the one shown below. This is a reverse washout or reverse "elephant trunk" style bowl and used a wooden seat that was fastened to the wall with small brackets. If anyone has a bowl like this still in use, let's hear about it.

Mott Vase Tank
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