don_vp (don_vp) wrote,

Plumbing Trade catalogs

I am interested in rapping with anyone who has an interest in plumbing trade catalogs from the Victorian era. I have been collecting them since about 1980, and have amassed about 150 or so, including some of the very best ones. These catalogs are the best way I know to become educated in the world of Victorian bathroom fixtures. I am always on the hunt for some of the good early ones, by the better known companies, especially the ones with the full page color lithograph illustrations. I have several duplicates of some of my best books, and will always entertain trade offers.
If anyone out there has one or more of these great early catalogs, please drop a comment, and lets talk about it.
Shown are three real special original catalogs. The first is Mott's Plumbing Catalog A 1908, the second is Standard Mfg Co. "Standard Baths, 1891" and the third is an original 1888 J.L.Mott Iron Works Catalog G, the book that is so widely available as a reproduction by Dover Books.

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